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925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Finding,08mm Jewelry Finding

Item No : 2314991408*0801
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Material : Sterling Silver
Shape : Other
Color : White
Size : 8mm
Weight : 0.13 g

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silver :

The classification of the silver Common

Silver are on the market S925 silver color, fine silver, silver, silver, Thai silver, Miao Yin, Tibetan silver

1,S925 silver: silver brand store more than silver is 925 silver, 925 silver jewelry is not silver content of 100%, but adding 7.5% copper, sterling silver for silver more luster, brightness and hardness, easy to make all kinds of fine silver.925 silver is made of silver ornament international GB standard. Silver ornament usually play English abbreviation of silver "S" or "Stering" mark. Sterling silver stamp is S925.

2,Fine silver: silver content per mille said not less than 990 fine silver, mark as "fine silver" or "S990", "silver 990".Due to too soft, not easy casting into the right jewelry modelling, and easy to wear and oxidation blackening, common in making bracelets, bracelets and lock bag..

3,Plain silver: 925 silver white rhodium plating (industry platinum), to the greatest possible delay in silver oxide or sulfide black, the characteristics of the industry calls have no outside of 925 silver plated platinum, silver, silver easily oxidized in the air

4,color silver :color silver is developed on the basis of cloisonne, originated in the Ming dynasty, modern have the same color and brightness, and Mosaic gold ornaments on the basis of its production is 925 silver and vacuum ion plating process, divided into IPP (ion plating white gold) interpublic ion plating (gold) IPR (ion plating rose gold), makes the color silver possesses the advantages of high brightness, high wear resistance with rival Mosaic gold, but its price is much lower than the Mosaic gold jewelry.

5,Thai silver: specialty, also known as "silver", Thailand is 925 silver, silver content appearance lacking brightness, to do the silver surface corrosion process, and then polished, forming lines of black, make jewelry, unique stereo feeling, the pursuit of a Kind of "ancient", the "old" ancient silver effect

6,MiaoYin: mostly in qiandongnan miao traditional accessories, such as silver in general to join other alloys, such as copper, silver, and 99 to make jewelry, general MiaoYin silver content within 15%, MiaoYin products had good flexibility and range of motion, texture soft, without flexibility, in strict accordance with the traditional process and the traditional auspicious theme is elaborate, are popular with the masses of women

7, Tibetan silver "is a kind of Chinese traditional silver, made in Tibet and surrounding areas, has a wealth of religious connotation, is the carrier of the Tibetan people's desire for survival and life, Tibetan silver generally do not contain ingredients, cupronickel bills, traditional Tibetan silver is thirty percent silver and seventy percent copper, because silver content is too low, so now on the market basically by the copper substitution, with stone to match small jewelry, see more is turquoise, coral rock.

The effect of silver

1、 Legend can be wearing silver to ward off bad luck, because the silver is one of buddhist shippo, so is to let children the custom of wearing a silver since ancient times, is conducive to the elimination of "congenital disease" and ward off evil spirits.

2. The silver products can produce magnetic field in a certain range, release huge amounts of silver ions, excitation energy, has the health care effect to human body.

3. Silver has antiseptic function, so had better wear tremella, playing ear hole to water with silver bowl, can guarantee the water don't spoil, besmear of silver ions in the solution can be used such as skin ulcers and ulcer, can make the most of the bacteria died. Silver has excellent antibiotics and sterilization effect, the average antibiotics can only play a role to 6 kinds of fungus, but silver can eliminate 650 kinds of bacteria, good for the body. It not only has economic value, the beauty is generous. The ancients said, body with silver health wealth will accompany, it is not only because of its precious metals, medicine, it is higher than gold efficiency but also to human body health.

4. Using silver can detect which food is toxic, because silver react with many toxins can make silver black, easy to identify to the naked eye.


The maintenance of the silver

Silver chemistry more lively, so with black silver sulfide "formed by the sulfur dioxide in the air, when the silver surface oxidation blackening, can use the following way of maintenance, can restore the beauty of a silver luster.

1. Soda ash can be added in clean water and clean wipe.

2. Use only rub silver cloth, rub silver paste (general shop should can be bought, in particular: rub silver cloth is contained in a special potion, cannot be washed).

3. Touch some toothpaste scrub with a soft cloth ornaments, wash clean again, with cotton cloth to wipe clean.(was good oh)

4. The immersion silver wash water, wash clean again, with cotton cloth to wipe clean, keep it dry. But suggest use less as far as possible to wash water, silver for silver wash water for chemical products, is the use of corrosion to clean silver silver wash water itself, used for a long time will cause harm to the silver ornament. Finally remind you that it is best to avoid the silver contact water, hot springs, if not to wear, can isolate into the air in the container, such as the flannelette bags or jewelry box, can make your silver green!